TechSur Solutions LLC is a premier IT consulting service firm with a philosophy and focus on invention. Our rich service portfolio offers Federal Agencies and commercial clients Digital Transformation and Modernization services. We combine institutional knowledge, modern technologies and the pledge to give our customers the highest level of service delivery.

TechSur connects evolving inventions and knowledge from existing delivery engagements into an arrangement of essential skill with the use of our Innovation Center. We pursue revolutionary creations to solve actual business challenges by engaging front-line technology.

We also seek to ensure that our employees’ capabilities are kept sharp by offering challenging opportunities and the means for them to harness the power of innovation that solve impossible problems for our clients.

At TechSur Solutions LLC, the aim to use the accurate technologies in resolving each unique challenge instead of smearing a skill to the issue or taking on jobs that line up with a precise batch of technologies. Our vast knowledge in an extensive collection of technologies includes Java, .NET, Js, Ruby and Node programming languages; we offer NoSQL and relational databases in addition to REST, SOAP, RMI services, Backbone.JS React.js and AngularJS,. We ask that you simply allow us choose the perfect fit as against imposing a technology to solve the issue, as this is the only solution we can use. As regards development, we conform to established industry standard and best policies. For instance, Behaviour Driven Development (BBD), Log Driven Development (LDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). We follow the 12 Factor Application method in designing a strong, accessible and error tolerant cloud based digital services. We also follow the Federal Software Development Standards like cloud-first, default to open, USDS Digital Services Playbook and mobile-first. Our staff work round the clock to certify that there are no constraints caused by insufficient access to knowledge but instead use all the database of our technical expertise to execute projects or solve customers’ problems.
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