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Application SWIFT Platform

Public Sector Application Platform upgrades legacy applications and intelligently shifts solutions to the cloud.

Public Sector Application Platform

Governments at various levels have been increasingly trying to move to the cloud for years. But, there are challenges of cloud migration that must consistently be navigated to realize the technological, operational, and financial benefits it offers. TechSur specifically ensures your agency is able to navigate potential pitfalls of cloud migration, including: proper strategy configuration, avoiding scope creep, addressing security weak points, and placement of skills to operate the refined infrastructure.

Being cloud-ready in today’s landscape is a necessity for governments to keep up with the consistently changing demands of the public sector as well as modernize infrastructures and preserve important information. Upgrading legacy applications and intelligently shifting to the cloud benefits each member of your agency.


Applications are easier to scale, faster to develop

Teams work with speed, agility, and independence

Applications become resilient, failure is isolated

Enables innovation and accelerates new features

Clean and noncomplex environments use containerization

Adherence to Agile Software Development best practices