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To succeed in fast-paced, software-driven markets, businesses need to change the way they design, create, and use applications. Development of native cloud applications is an approach that allows the design, execution, and improvement of applications based on the techniques and technologies recognized for cloud computing.

Cloud-Native applications are designed to make use of cloud architecture empowering agencies to create mission capabilities at the rate of emerging needs.

Build and run cloud-native applications and perform necessary operations. Embrace modern strategies like serverless solutions, microservices, and containers. Quickly schedule, compile, deploy, and manage without sacrificing security or quality.


Focus on designing software instead of maintaining infrastructure. TechSur cloud-based platforms offer a seamless framework for application growth.

With TechSur cloud-native services, developers take advantage of the automation and reliable on-premises tools required for the development and management of scalable applications.

We help you validate your ideas and build applications that deliver incredible customer experiences and extraordinary results.

To achieve the speed, scale and flexibility required to succeed in fast-paced and dynamic markets, businesses are embracing cloud-computing services.

Elevate Your Agency Now

TechSur Solutions provides Leapfrog Service Packs of highly-specialized tactical IT services available in a non-competitive avenue for rapid delivery and execution. These bundles of services can quickly elevate IT missions at Federal agencies. This means packages of advanced services are within reach – this fiscal year, with end-of-year money, all while meeting small business contracting goals.