We want to help enterprises harness the power of Artificial Intelligence. From core business processes to added value chain, this framework aims to integrate AI technologies to drive advanced automated tasks, with actionable results.


“Well begun is half done.” We at TechSur genuinely believe in this mentality. The benefit of mission services is the capability for a developer to identify and implement the specialized technology stacks needed to get the accurate, efficient, and quality data. No matter the objective, our technical subject matter experts commit to using Agile development techniques and proven DevSecOps capabilities on applications for secure stability within any environment. Our technical experts have an established background with full-stack technology for various development objectives such as Java, PHP, Drupal, and Cold Fusion. Our experts also consider implementing tools such as Ansible, Jenkins, Nexus, and Sonar based on CI/CD pipelines. This creates the ability to containerize current applications and pilot OpenShift base container orchestration. The Framework also involves support of cloud service migration to commercial cloud provider and the setup of its infrastructure. 

Adopting cloud platform helps utilize AI/ML techniques to perform automated tasks based on the requirements. Lastly, digital modernization strategies are put into place to enhance agency systems that may lack in keeping up with changing mission objectives and operational issues that can inevitably occur. This builds a “One Agency View” when it comes to implementing new technology stacks. The TechSur Surround Framework is unique in its adapting approach to customers’ requirements. Each mission presents unique challenges; therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective. Surround Framework calls for in-depth assessment to personalize the experience, so the customer can host a mature system that will continue to build on itself once deployment has been initiated.

List of AI Tools and Frameworks used by TechSur:

Selinuium based CI/CD Pipelines