Deliver capabilities to users faster

Application Modernization

Create more secure, responsive and connected organization. Exploit innovation in technology and processes for engaging digital services.
Deliver more with less and build digital services in cloud-first age. The legacy mission systems are critical for continued services to the American public. They continue to require investment, break-fix and expose security vulnerabilities. They are slow to adapt to changing American public needs. We modernize IT legacy applications using cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Azure. We migrate incrementally without disrupting the user experience of the IT systems.

Why Modernize? Why Now?

You rely heavily on purpose-built mission systems. They serve you well but they are not keeping up with advancement in technology. They cost more and may not be very secure. It can change now. Your investments can deliver better results with incremental modernization.

Deliver Faster

Modernization creates an efficient and automated delivery path of capabilities. Paired with agile approaches, this helps agencies streamlines capability delivery.

Improve Security

Legacy technology is infested with security issues that are hard to patch. Modernization reduces risks and improves security posture with technology easier to update and monitor.

Reduce Cost

Modernization optimizes operational cost through usage of cloud and automation. The best-fit technology selection enables retirement of home grown solutions.

Engage Better

Modernization enable better tools to engaging citizen and employees through user-centered design. The integrated services provide better data for decision making at each level.


Agile. Intuitive. Intelligent.




User Experience



Why IT Modernization?

Why IT Modernization?

73% of IT leaders believe that centralized/integrated technology systems must be a priority. Economic activities are taking place digitally constituting great challenges for the IT department. The IT department has to not only oversee the daily computer operations,...

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