be an agency hero

Reduce Risk, Improve Productivity

Emerging technology platforms allow Federal agencies to undergo digital transformations of draining processes.

Mission Platform Engineering

TechSur’s solution experts craft software platforms to deliver emerging technologies to Federal organizations. These modern platforms provide practical applications that are still largely underutilized in the Public Sector space, but still allow space for mission-critical, current applications and technologies. The use of such emerging technology platforms allows agencies to undergo digital transformations of processes that currently drain time and resources.

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three Public Sector Platforms:

DevSecOps REPLAY Platform

Federal end-to-end Enterprise DevSecOps Platform provisioned with just one click.

Data READY Platform

Data Platform provides a modernized, out-of-the-box system to make your data available and transparent.

Application SWIFT Platform

Application Platform upgrades legacy applications and intelligently shifts solutions to the cloud.


Using platforms to deliver emerging technologies to Federal organizations provides far-reaching benefits:

  • Go from manual to automated.
  • Integration time shrinks with pre-packaged solutions.
  • Juggling multiple offices evaporates with isolated, secure environments.
  • Scalability and security risks decrease significantly.
  • Technology leaders become agency heroes.