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Our framework starts with both the user and customer in mind. Using personalized views and previous experiences, we can create a unique path for digital transformation to take place. The end goal is to optimize experiences for both the customer and end users.

The Surround Framework is designed to optimize user and customer experiences as it gives a platform for digital transformation to take place within any organization regardless of size. This benefits how our customers can approach their current operation framework, technology, and system maturity. The emphasis on the importance of CX/UX starts with considering their personalized views and desired objectives to create a unique experience. The Surround Framework also calls for identifying inefficiencies within the established system and the factors that are working effectively. This encompasses criteria such as outdated technology stacks and environments and how mission services are being utilized. Once identified, the framework highlights specific action points so that the building block of the mission services has a specialized purpose. The success of these action points is measured by selected criteria based on initial research and consultation with costumers and users alike. In doing so, these benefits will help pave a solutions roadmap that considers the most visible evaluation of performance, which is the end UX/CX.