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TechSur Solutions recognizes the power of partnership in delivering superior solutions to our federal customers. We have forged strategic alliances with leading Government Contracting firms, enhancing our robust agile technical solutions with a wealth of shared expertise and resources. These collaborations, including our Joint Ventures and Mentor-Protégé Agreements with Guidehouse and REI Systems, strengthen our commitment to excellence and innovation in federal services. Our partnerships are instrumental in elevating our capabilities and delivering on the promise of emerging technologies and digital transformation for our clients.

Our Alliances

TechSur Solutions embraces strategic alliances with technology giants and key industry associations to enrich our service offerings. Our collaborations with leading cloud service providers, including Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Amazon Web Services (AWS), allow us to harness cutting-edge technologies to architect resilient and scalable solutions. In concert with professional associations like AFCEA and GTSC, we stay at the forefront of industry trends and policy dialogues, ensuring our solutions reflect the latest insights and best practices in government technology. These alliances empower us to offer our federal clients innovative, secure, and efficient digital landscapes.

Technology Partnerships
Professional Associations
Our Clients

TechSur Solutions is honored to support a diverse array of federal clients, ranging from civilian to defense to health agencies, contributing to their pivotal missions with our technologically-savvy and innovative solutions. The trust these clients place in us is reflected in the way we show up every day to drive progress and excellence in government tech operations.

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