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TechSur Solutions is passionate about crafting aggressive and intentional technical solutions, all while remembering that at the end of the day, human beings have to want to use the technology. We begin and end with users, while providing Digital Transformation, Cloud-Native Application Development, Multi-Channel Digital Presence, Enterprise DevSecOps, Data Analytics, and Adaptive Artificial Intelligence to agencies.

Digital Transformation

Providing a holistic view to give your development teams the most innovative technologies and practices available.

Cloud-Native App Development

Upgrading legacy applications and intelligently shifting to the cloud.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Providing accountable and adaptive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to cumbersome processes at your agency.

Data Analytics

Analyzing Big Data with a holistic view, focusing not just on data points, but the entire ecosystem of services and technologies.

Enterprise DevSecOps

Automating DevSecOps into a package of repeatable, verifiable operations.

Multi-Channel Digital Presence

Creating digital experiences for government clients that integrate into the full technology stack.


To us, Total Engagement means a shift in conversation when discussing the Enterprise. What if instead of just talking about systems and integration and agile – what if we talk about YOU. What is surrounding you? What if the conversation shifts from tools and technology … to users and usage? Don’t get us wrong – we’re still obsessed with tech! But our Total Engagement package is based on our firm belief that *any* piece of technology should be focused on the user and their usage of *all* their daily technologies.

TechSur aims to mechanize the process of government IT application modernization. Our user-centric approach makes work life easier, integrated, and even fun – really! But security is never sacrificed for user experience – security is a mandatory component in every step of our software development fast-release cycles.
Don’t let the state of your technology hinder the ability of each user to achieve the agency mission. We can and will pull it all together for you, so your end user doesn’t know the difference from one system to another. 
It’s a beautiful combination of technology, process, security, and design.



The main objective of TechSur is to generate added value for our clients. We always start from a deep prior analysis of any project. A professional analysis determines the areas to act.

Creation & Development

Using agile methodologies to execute design efficiently, we help the client envision the end product before any substantial implementation costs are incurred.

& Monitoring

Publicizing progress and results are key in the development of projects. Thus, our clients can count on the information available in an agile and transparent way. 



US Citizenship and
Immigration Services

Accountability Office

US General Services

United States Secretary
of the Treasury

National Science

Institute of Museum
and Library Services

Security Administration

United States
Patent and Trademark Office

Administration for
Children and Families

U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases
Administrative Office of the United States Courts



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