Techsur has built a culture around trust, hard work, and a dedication to service. Therefore, we look for people who stand out for their passion, commitment, and excellence. Joining our team means working with exceptional people, which is essential to maintaining our open, entrepreneurial, and exciting company culture.

We offer development opportunities in the fast-paced world of work.

What we Look FOR?

We are looking for employees who are self-motivated and dedicated to our clients and their work. Our employees tackle challenges of national and global significance. The ideal candidate would be: 

Good communication

Any candidate must know how to communicate their ideas and proposals. 


It is important to synergize with our work team to add ideas and efforts. 


A collaborator who can analyze all aspects to make better decisions is of great value.


To innovate both in products, ideas, projects, and processes; This skill is not exclusive to the social and humanities areas.


The only constant is change, so we must adapt to these and accept new challenges.


This is a key element for team motivation and a good work environment. 

1.Company Benefits:

HOLIDAYS Regular full-time employees are entitled to the following paid holidays observed by the Company. 

  • Columbus Day • New Year's Day • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day • President's Day •MemorialDay • Independence Day • Labor Day • Veteran's Day • Thanksgiving • Christmas Day 

PAID TIME OFF To help employees foster a work-life balance, the Company offers Paid. Time off (PTO). PTO begins to accrue immediately upon hire and may be used after completion of an employee's introductory period.

Employees will accrue PTO according to the following. 

Schedule: 120 hours. Unused PTO will be carried over each year up to the maximum accrual. Bank of 40 hours. Unused PTO will be paid out upon employment separation. 

2.Commuter Benefits

TechSur provides commuter’s benefits to all employees. TechSur reimburses up to $250/month for commuting costs. It includes expense such as parking, metro fare and train fare. It does not include mileage.

3.Health, Vision and Dental Benefits

All regular employees scheduled and generally working at least 40 hours a week are entitled to health insurance. New qualifying employees will be eligible for coverage on the first day of the following month after the joining date. 


Company will match 100% of your contribution up to 3% of gross annual compensation and then 50% of your contributions on the next 2% of gross annual compensation. 

5.Professional Development

On a case-by-case basis, TechSur provides reimbursement for acquiring professional certifications that are relevant to the employee’s professional development and career.