We enable Digital Government through Digital Transformation of Government Services.

Digital Government Transformation

A superior service for citizens and employees

Cloud Native Application Development

Smarter Apps using innovation in cloud

Federal IT Modernization

Modernize to secure, innovate and re-imagine

Enterprise Grade DevOps

Automate to free up resources for Mission

Secure Technology Operations

Secure operations with DevSecOps

Agile Application Development

Iterative application development

We provide technology to ease your journey into Digital Enterprise.

  • Making Better use of your current investments

  • Incorporating the constantly improving technology stack

  • Creating environment for rapid creation/experimentation

  • Provisioning tools and technologies to make it all possible

  • Creating the culture/training your staff

  • Implementing measurement and management toolkit

  •  Securing the services

  •  Operationalizing the new way


  • Cloud as a competitive Advantage

Cloud-native involves swapping cloud goals from saving IT expenses to the contraption of business growth. In this advanced age of software growth, businesses that can swiftly develop and deliver apps at the request of the customer dominate their areas of industry. When delivered, these apps must work smoothly and stay always-on, elastic-scale services.

  • Flexibility

Enterprises build applications that run on any cloud without the need for adjustment. Teams maintain the expertise to move or distribute applications between different cloud vendors and a private cloud to balance their primary business concerns and boost cloud pricing.

  • Align operations with the business

With the automation of IT operations, businesses and enterprises can rapidly convert into a leaner, intensive team affiliated with achieving the primary objectives of the business. They also abolish the risk of failure that can occur with the factor of a human blunder as teams centre their attention on method improvement instead of the monotonous admin task. Interestingly, automated live patching and upgrades at all stages of the stack, enterprises get rid of idle time and the requisite for Ops experts with second-hand expertise.


In the ever-expanding digital world, government agencies have a plethora of options and access to various new markets. Nevertheless, it has resulted in chaos for some of them as they continually innovate. The government agencies are operating in vibrant and energetic innovation in mission delivery approaches and they are, occasionally, limited by their legacy IT systems. To fix these technical hitches, we must do so in a way that completely brings the government systems up to date with current innovations while maintaining mission focus.

The governments around the world have a depth of application logic and competencies that serve as the foundation of their mission systems for aeons. This application logic and competencies are central business assets, reliable, efficient, stand the test of time and dependable. Conversely, we are in the 21st century, a period that has released a phase of innovative creations motivated by consumerization, immediate immersion of digital and consistent disruption. We have also seen the dawn of key players and global technological authorities in most of the verticals (in the financial service world, fintech is a perfect example).

It is essential for governments who want to exploit rapidly changing the digital economy to seek transformation with more extensive dexterity to use new ways to effectively deliver mission services.

Listed below are some the primary problems with the legacy systems:

  • Continued difficulty in meeting heightened security posture
  • User experience of legacy application is dated and doesn’t lend itself to all form factors including mobile, tablet and desktop
  • With the talent pool moving away from Legacy technologies, there is the problem of availability of expertise cumbered with the expensive cost of owning legacy technologies.
  • Increasingly costly to comply with regulations
  • Silos implement makes it hard to ingrate with open APIs

Our services include:

  • Legacy Regeneration
  • Cloud Valuation and Migration
  • Application Portfolio Optimisation (APO) and Decommissioning as Service
  • Enterprise Intelligence Hub with the use of Big Data technologies.

The principal asset of TechSur Solutions LLCas regards application modernization is our capability to assimilate some of our diverse skills honed over decades. Some are automated tools created with automated code conversion for future engineering based legacy regeneration and machine learning based cloud valuation and migration approach and tooling.



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