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For us, service means advising the client from the beginning orienting ourselves to their current needs and also focusing on the future, not only when choosing solutions, but also when implementing and deploying the software. We also provide comprehensive assistance to our clients after the completion of the project. This philosophy of serving our clients has crystallized into a lasting partnership with many of them.

Changing companies profoundly and sustainably. It relies on the use of online and other digital technologies for the transactions of the entire company. The digital transformation enables companies to offer a better customer experience while working more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cloud-Native is an agile and efficient concept for developing software and delivering innovations to the user as quickly as possible. The application is operated directly via the underlying cloud platform.

Legacy applications and systems are important elements in all companies that use technology to increase their business. With investments in this infrastructure, it becomes difficult to abandon them when new digital solutions, such as the cloud, become available.

DevSecOps is a cultural shift in the tech industry that seeks to build protection into fast-release cycles that are characteristic of current application development and implementation, also known as the DevOps movement.

Tries to gain information from large amounts of data with the help of statistical methods and then to visualize it. The complex field of data analysis can be divided into the areas of descriptive, inferential, exploratory, and confirmatory data analysis.

Rapidly developing into a human partner, influencing life and work, and offering possibilities that have long been considered unimaginable.


We our work

TechSur Solutions, LLC, is a premier IT consulting services firm, creating the optimal actions to achieve your business’s objectives.
We differentiate ourselves by being a company with developed consultancies and implementations in the government and private sector using Digital Transformation and Modernization services, considering each of our clients’ goals. In other words, we provide personalized service to satisfy our clients’ unique mission needs and maturity of the digital platform.

At TechSur, we believe that our work’s success is directly related to customer satisfaction, which is a central element of the group’s strategy.

We reflect the focus on customer satisfaction, above all, in the attitude of our professionals. Understanding and achieving the explicit or implicit objectives of our collaboration is one of our fundamental functions. All organization elements must be focused on and adapted in each case to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our Clients.

Elevate Your Agency Now

TechSur Solutions provides Leapfrog Service Packs of highly-specialized tactical IT services available in a non-competitive avenue for rapid delivery and execution. These bundles of services can quickly elevate IT missions at Federal agencies. This means packages of advanced services are within reach – this fiscal year, with end-of-year money, all while meeting small business contracting goals.