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Ways to Accelerate Big Data Analytics

The data-driven nature of the world has been aided largely by the rapid advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics. Increasingly more areas are realizing the usefulness of data and how tapping into it can open a world of growth and development.

Big data analytics is a fast-growing field that has transformed government operations. The sheer volume of data is astounding; for governments, most, if not all of this data is useful. Big data analytics tools help uncover insights and extract meaning from all of this data. The volume of data will continue to increase considerably for federal government organizations and agencies. The question becomes how organizations can make use of this massive amount of data to facilitate development.


The Importance of Big Data Analytics


Understanding and manipulating data has not only helped make numerous processes more efficient, but it has also opened up the possibility of extracting insights that were not possible before. For governments, this means a better allocation of resources and a greater understanding of peoples’ needs as they change. Some examples of ways big data analytics can be of use are:

  • Predicting the spread of disease and taking precautionary measures to prevent it.
  • Developing a public transport system and increasing convenience and efficiency for its users by understanding travel patterns and needs.
  • Fraud reduction.
  • Understanding educational needs and responding with better thought-out study programs.

Data analytics has allowed companies to gain a competitive edge for the private sector by understanding their customers’ needs. For federal government organizations and agencies, the motivating factor is not to outperform their competitors but to provide better services for citizens and make more efficient use of resources. Evidence-based policymaking can be achieved, the outcomes of which can be analyzed and monitored to refine the policies better, accelerating development for the country at large.


Taking Advantage of the Data-Driven World


Once you realize the importance and potential that lies in data, the next step is exploring how organizations can analyze big data in an optimized way.

1. Utilizing Big Data Analytics Tools

Newer, more advanced big data analytics tools have allowed for more efficient means of data collection. Traditional data collection methods, such as household consumption surveys, left room for discrepancies and misinterpretations. These methods were also time and cost-consuming and prone to error. These weaknesses are the same for most of the areas that make use of traditional tools and methods. 

Big data analytics is time efficient because it’s faster and more accurate than traditional methods. As big data analytics tools include bigger and better technologies, the accuracy of data models will only increase. This creates new avenues for data collection that will lead the way for more appropriate policies to be devised.

2. Implementing Machine Learning

Machine learning has been revolutionary in allowing data to be analyzed and used in new ways. Organizations can manipulate complex data and bring out useful intricate patterns from it. Here, the question of data quality comes into play. Ensuring data quality before relying on big data analytics tools is essential for any data model to work to a reassuring degree of accuracy. Several factors can help improve data quality.

With the volume of data increasing exponentially, there’s bound to be ‘bad data’ – inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data. Such data compromises the entire dataset’s quality, leading to a less efficient model. Cleaning data is integral to creating efficient models based on big data analytics. The greater the quality of data, the more useful it is.



As technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence advance, addressing weaknesses in current systems will gradually become easier, allowing producing stronger data models based on big data analytics. Presently, the importance of big data analytics is undeniable. As we progress, this importance will only become irreplaceable.

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